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The author:(作者)delv
published in(发表于)5/18/2012 8:43:05 PM
On the verge of extinction of the beach1

Of course, 2012 is not the end of the world. But, if the sea level rose, the land of course will reduce, sandy beach is also facing a similar fate. Scientists expected by the end of the century, the sea level will rise 10 to 12 inches. And the sea level rise every one inch, sandy beach would be reduced on average 3.25 feet, plus the human factors, the data will become larger. So Frommers web site up on the verge of extinction in the world of the beach, in the beach before it disappeared go to see: ( 当然,2012不是世界末日。但是,如果海平面上升,陆地当然会减少,沙滩也面临着同样的命运。科学家预计在本世纪末,海平面会上升10到12英寸。而海平面每上升一寸,沙滩就会平均减少3.25英尺,再加上人类的因素,这个数据会变得更大。因此Frommers网站整理出了世界上濒临消失的沙滩,在这些沙滩消失前赶紧去看看吧: ) Portsea Beach(澳大利亚:波特西沙滩)

Pattaya Beach(泰国:芭提雅海滩)

Kololi Beach(冈比亚:克罗里海滩)

The Holderness Coast(英国:霍尔德内斯海滨)


Hawaii, oahu waikiki beach(夏威夷,欧胡岛:威基基海滩)

California, Santa Barbara(加州,圣巴巴拉)

Florida: Miami Beach(佛罗里达:迈阿密沙滩)

New York: be toelke(纽约:蒙托克)

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