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The author:(作者)delv
published in(发表于)5/18/2012 7:57:20 PM
The world's ten biggest attractions of inventory super the moon

Tencent technology-(Everett/compiler) according to foreign media reports, last weekend, running to the moon in a year the closest place from earth, the people of the world can watch the night sky in semi-darkness is known as the "super the moon" natural wonders. As the name suggests, this time the moon will see more than usual, more bright, if has the patience, stay up late to watch, the photography "super the moon" is very much worth it. All over the world to capture the sky observation lovers beautiful ornate "super the moon" landscape, including is located in southern Greece Athens, o the southern tip of the peninsula and carry SuNi wong (sounion) Angle famous Poseidon temple, and is located in Rio DE janeiro WaDuo coco mountain's world famous Brazil as Christ. ( 腾讯科技讯(Everett/编译)据国外媒体报道,上周末,月球运行至一年中距离地球最近的地方,全世界 的人们都可以在晴好的夜空观看到被喻为“超级月亮”的自然奇观。顾名思义,这个时候的月亮将比平时 看到的更大,更明亮,如果有足够的耐心,熬夜观赏、拍摄“超级月亮”是非常值得的。 世界各地的天空观察爱好者拍摄到了美轮美奂的“超级月亮”景观,其中包括了位于希腊雅典南部,阿提 加半岛最南端的苏尼翁(sounion)角著名的海神波塞冬神庙、以及位于巴西里约热内卢科科瓦多山顶闻 名世界的巴西基督像。 )

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