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The author:(作者)delv
published in(发表于)5/18/2012 7:48:15 PM
Wild animals melee moment of life and death1

Nature is no doubt strange and beautiful, colorful, JiLi spectacular scenery filled with our view. But nature can surely be cruel, since the ancient times there rules of the survival of the fittest survive. Wild animals in order to survive and have to spread between life and death, however, cruel competition in fact also there's lots of interesting moments. This group of pictures is made by a named Steve bloom of the photographer. The seasoned 58 years photographer visit times four continents, and beasts for dangerous "intimate contact", finally took this group of great graphics. Now, let us all enjoy those animals hand-to-hand combat moment of it. ( 大自然无疑是神奇而美丽的,色彩斑斓、奇丽壮观的景色充满了我们的视线。但是大自然无疑也是残酷的,自古以来就存在着优胜劣汰的生存法则。野生动物为了生存也不得不展开生死较量,不过,残酷的竞争中其实也有很多有意思的瞬间。 这组图片是由一位名叫史蒂夫·布卢姆的摄影师拍摄。这位现年58岁的摄影师访遍四大洲,和猛兽进行危险的“亲密接触”,终于拍到了这组精彩的图片。 现在,就让我们一起欣赏那些动物肉搏的精彩瞬间吧。 )

"People" the more power: African lion besieged a huge head shape hippo(“人”多力量大:非洲狮子围攻一头体型庞大的河马)

1 V1 is true man: Alaska two bald eagle waging fierce(1V1才是好汉:美国阿拉斯加州的两只秃鹰展开激烈)

With bad breath smoked die each other may be good secret weapon(用口臭熏死对方也许是不错的秘密武器)

A polar bear to the enemy cast up a "right bolo" and "leg"(一只北极熊对敌人施展起了“右勾拳”和“飞毛腿”)

All around flanked by four lions ahead of you not hurt the buffalo siege(四面夹击:被四头雄狮围攻的野牛你伤不起)

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