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The author:(作者)delv
published in(发表于)3/31/2012 9:31:51 AM
YangYuYing and ZhengShaoQiu dance on the generous come interest dye-in-the-wood

On March 29, YangYuYing debut in Shanghai eastern TV "WuLin conference" of recording. On the stage, a white white pants with attacks on her to restore ancient ways into the audience into the song gently told you ". And then on the ZhengShaoQiu and the music and dance with her but also appear come interest dye-in-the-wood. 3月29日,杨钰莹亮相上海参加东方卫视《舞林大会》的录制。台上,一袭白衣白裤复古装亮相的她为现场观众送上了成名曲《轻轻地告诉你》。而随后与郑少秋同台的她更是随着音乐大方起舞显得萌劲十足。

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