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The author:(作者)一道烈火
published in(发表于)2/12/2012 7:09:18 AM
2012 national geographic daily picture8

20120205 February 5, 2012 Crayfish, Australia Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures A foot-long crayfish dodges a hiker fording a stream in Australia's Claustral Canyon. The color of these crayfish, called yabbies by canyoneers, remains a puzzle. In some streams they're orange. In others they're blue. The difference is due partly to water purity—the blue ones are found in the clearest water. See more pictures from the October 2011 feature story “Deep Down Under.” 2012年2月5日小龙虾,澳大利亚照片由彼得,美国国家地理杂志在这个月的一天图片:图片一英尺长的小龙虾让一个徒步涉水流在澳大利亚的修道院的峡谷。颜色这些小龙虾,称为yabbies的canyoneers,仍然是一个谜。在一些河流中他们橙。在其他的是蓝色的。不同的是,部分原因是由于水纯度的蓝色被发现在清澈的水。看到更多的照片,从十月的2011个专题故事“深下下来。”

20120206 February 6, 2012 Tigers, India Photograph by Steve Winter, National Geographic This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures Meet Smasher—the male in the background. That's the name Steve Winter gave this youngster, cooling off in a watering hole in Bandhavgarh National Park, after he slapped the automated camera trap until it stopped clicking. Both tigers are thought to have killed people, and Smasher is now in captivity. See more pictures from the December 2011 feature story “A Cry for the Tiger.” 2012年2月6日老虎,印度照片由史提夫冬季,美国国家地理杂志在这个月的一天图片:图片满足smasher-the男性在背景中。这是史提夫的名字给了这个年轻人的冬天,冷在水坑在有关国家公园后,他把自动相机陷阱,直到它停止点击。老虎被认为是人和加速器,现在被囚禁。看到更多的照片,从十二月的2011个专题故事“一个哭泣的老虎。”

20120207 February 7, 2012 Elephants, Serengeti Photograph by Michael Nichols, National Geographic This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures Elephants roam the Serengeti under a stormy sky in this photo by Michael “Nick” Nichols, who sent dispatches from the field as he shot a story for National Geographic magazine. See more pictures from Michael "Nick" Nichols's Project: Serengeti Lions, part of an ongoing series documenting the work of photographers in the field. 2012年2月7日大象,塞伦盖蒂照片由迈克尔·尼克尔斯,美国国家地理杂志在这个月的一天图片:图片大象在塞伦盖蒂在风雨如磐的天空在这照片由迈克尔“尼克”尼克尔斯,谁送急件从场为他拍摄的故事为美国国家地理杂志。看到更多的照片从迈克尔“尼克”尼克尔斯的项目:塞伦盖蒂狮子,部分进行一系列记录的摄影师的作品在外地。

20120208 February 8, 2012 Crabeater Seal, Antarctica Photograph by Mary Beth Young, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures A cute crabeater seal peeked out at us from behind a piece of snow but wasn't bothered by our presence. I think he was just as curious as we were. He didn't move except to look at us and stretch. Sun was shimmering on his fur and the ice and snow he was laying on. It was the trip of a lifetime with the family, December 2011. Took this while Zodiac cruising in Cierva Cove, Antarctica, with Lindblad Expeditions on the National Geographic Explorer. (This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.) 2012年2月8日食蟹海豹,南极照片由玛丽贝斯年轻,你的枪在这个月的一天图片:图片一个可爱的食蟹海豹从身后一片雪但不打扰我们的存在。我认为他仅仅是因为好奇,我们。他不动,除了看我们伸展。阳光闪耀在他的皮毛和冰雪他躺在地上。这是一个终身难忘的家庭,十二月2011。这虽然生肖游弋在cierva湾,南极洲的探险,与林德布劳德的美国国家地理杂志的探险家。(照片和文字上传到您的镜头。)

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