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The author:(作者)一道烈火
published in(发表于)2/12/2012 7:02:20 AM
2012 national geographic daily picture7

20120131 January 31, 2012 Asiago Plateau, Italy Photograph by Vittorio Poli, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Travel Photos The small town where I live (Asiago plateau, Italy) is shrouded in fog in this image taken from the top of a mountain. (This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot. Have a great shot? Send it to us for possible publication in National Geographic.) 2012年1月31日所有的高原,意大利照片由维托里奥·波利,您的镜头在这个月的一天图片:旅行照片小城镇在我住的地方(所有高原,意大利)笼罩在大雾这一形象,从一个山头。(照片和文字上传到您的拍摄。有好的照片吗?发送给我们可能发表在美国国家地理杂志。)

20120201 February 1, 2012 Snowy Owl Photograph by James Galletto, My Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures This snowy owl was captured during a snowstorm. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal, snowy owls are diurnal—they hunt and are active both day and night. (This photo was submitted to My Shot.) 2012年2月1日雪白的猫头鹰照片由杰姆斯galletto,拍摄在这个月的一天图片:图片这雪鸮被抓获时,暴风雪。与大多数猫头鹰,它是夜间活动,雪鸮diurnal-they狩猎和活跃的两个白天和黑夜。(这张照片被提交给我的镜头。)

20120202 February 2, 2012 Whale Shark, New Guinea Photograph by Michael Aw This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures "Suddenly he just jumped in!" says photographer Michael Aw. Sarmin Tangadji, the Papua police officer who escorted the photographic team to where the sharks congregate, "was so excited to see them up close." Aw shares that excitement when it comes to diving with a dozen whale sharks: "You are sandwiched in, sharks ahead and behind, but you want to be there," he says. "They make eye contact with you and then charge by. It blows your mind." See more pictures from the October 2011 feature story "Sharing With Sharks." 2012年2月2日鲸鲨,新几内亚照片由迈克尔·在这个月的一天图片:图片突然,他只是在跳!”说摄影师迈克尔·。sarmintangadji,巴布亚警察护送摄影团队在鲨鱼聚集,“很高兴看到他们关闭。”胡股份,兴奋时跳水十几个鲸鲨:“你夹在中间,鲨鱼之前和之后,你想在那里,“他说。”他们注意到你,然后由。吹你的思想。”看到更多的照片,从十月的2011个专题故事“共享与鲨鱼。”

20120203 February 3, 2012 Gray Wolf, Washington Photograph by Mukul Soman, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures A gray wolf rests at Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary in Washington State. (This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.) 2012年2月3日灰太狼,华盛顿照片由穆库尔梭曼,你开枪在这个月的一天图片:图片一个灰色的狼是狼港口国际狼圣所,在华盛顿州。(照片和文字上传到您的镜头。)

20120204 February 4, 2012 Springboks, South Africa Photograph by Morkel Erasmus, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures The golden light at dusk and dawn in the Kalahari is amazing and can enhance the mood of a scene greatly. On this particular morning in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the rising sun was filtered by an ancient forest of camel thorn acacia trees, with a herd of springbok gazelles in attendance to complete the scene. (This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.) 2012年2月4日跳羚队,南非照片由莫克尔伊拉斯谟,您的镜头在这个月的一天图片:图片金色光在黄昏和黎明在喀拉哈里沙漠是惊人的,可以提高情绪的一个场景大大。在这个特别的早上在喀拉哈里跨境公园,初升的太阳是由一个古老森林的骆驼刺合欢树,与一群跳羚瞪羚出席现场完成。(照片和文字上传到您的镜头。)

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