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published in(发表于) 2013/11/15 13:01:30
Allow users to go online safely: Microsoft set up a cyber crime Centre,

Allow users to go online safely: Microsoft set up a cyber crime Center-cyber-crime, Microsoft-IT news Allow users to go online safely: Microsoft set up Cyber Crime Center

Microsoft on Thursday set up a named "cyber crimes Center" sector, hoping to prevent some of the worst acts of cyber-crime, including child exploitation and botnets.

Microsoft would like to work with other partners to track Cybercrime more so as to enhance the end-user Web experience for households and businesses. Microsoft said in a statement, the companies of this sector will actively cooperate with the industry, academia, Government, and people.

Deputy Legal Adviser of the Microsoft digital crimes unit Dawei·fen (David Finn) said: "Microsoft's Internet Crime Center collection our experts and with customers and partners concerned about the same thing: to let people go online safely. Through sophisticated tools and integrate technology with the right skills and new ideas, we can enhance network security for all. ”

Interpol official nuobolu·Nakatani (Noboru Nakatani) added: "in the fight against cybercrime in the course of the public domain could benefit significantly from the expertise of the private sector, for example, Microsoft's expertise. ”

Microsoft has been assisting law enforcement knocked some massive botnet, including February Bimatal search engine hijacked botnet knocked out of this year and at the end of June this year, financial crime botnets knocked out.

The company also launched in 2009, PhotoDNA project, want to prevent the illegal dissemination of photos of child abuse worldwide.


让用户安全上网:微软成立网络犯罪中心 - 网络犯罪,微软 - IT资讯



微软数字犯罪小组副总法律顾问大卫·芬(David Finn)说:“微软网络犯罪中心可以集合我们的专家,并与用户和合作伙伴共同关注同一件事情:让人们安全上网。通过把复杂的工具和技术与正确的技巧和新观点整合起来,我们可以加强所有人的网络安全性。”

国际刑警组织官员诺伯路·纳卡塔尼(Noboru Nakatani)补充说:“在对抗网络犯罪的过程中,公共领域可以从私有领域的专业技能中大幅获益,例如微软提供的专业知识。”




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