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published in(发表于) 2013/12/8 8:35:33
Samsung Galaxy,S4 fire doors: first by deleting the video back to the machine,

Samsung Galaxy S4 fire doors: first by deleting the video back to the-Galaxy S4, S4 Samsung, Samsung-IT information Samsung Galaxy S4 fire doors: by deleting the video first and then the switch

Generally, businesses because the quality of the merchandise is not passed to the user after the loss and injury compensation should be duty-bound for the first time, especially in this era of highly developed information network information. Samsung PR (also after-sales) sector and solidly made an example for others.

One user called GhostlyRich on YouTube earlier this month in Internet slots to their new Galaxy S4 charger spontaneous video:

In accordance with normal logic, manufacturer of the device in question should immediately get in touch with the user and, where possible, compensation for users and minimize the negative impact. Unfortunately, Samsung did wrong this time.

This user has recently released a video on YouTube, I strongly protest the silent phone, Samsung wanted him to spontaneous combustion thing: to change your phone, do it! That video down on YouTube:

In the video, GhostlyRich angrily said he received a Samsung official sent a solution document, file, Samsung said they'd the user removing the negative effects of video will not change him a similar type of mobile phone used as compensation.

Samsung address the things that people thought were relatively old, this video has been accessed 280,000 times of anger, reaped 4000+ Zein, video authors also ask you to share this video with the people around you as much as possible, so that more people know about it ... ...

For businesses, especially the influential international big business, handle this dispute over compensation due to product quality problem really is I was to find myself uncomfortable! Any of the company's products are not perfect spotless, met a first time to deal with the problem, explain clearly to find out why, and completes the corresponding compensation, and a modicum of good PR, destined, at least in control of events.

Want more manufacturers to learn from this, at the time of communication with users of refreshment.


三星处理Galaxy S4着火门:先删视频再换机 - Galaxy S4,三星S4,三星 - IT资讯
三星处理Galaxy S4着火门:先删视频再换机


YouTube上一位叫做GhostlyRich的用户月初在网上传了一段吐槽自己新买的Galaxy S4手机充电自燃的视频:








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